Lock 32 Brewing provides a window onto life on the canal

BkZS4hLCIAAGHQZ (612x612)Lock 32 Brewing Company opened it doors on the Erie Canal and Canalway Trail in Pittsford at the end of 2013. The owners, John Clark, Seth Clark, and Casey Dunlavey, were born and raised in Upstate New York and were looking to combine their love for the region with their passion for good craft beer. All three gentlemen currently reside in Rochester and with their families have greatly enjoyed immersing themselves in the rich history and culture of the area. Upon learning that the craft beer industry has deep roots in the Flower City, they felt it only fitting that Rochester lead the way in the east coast craft beer “boom.”

Bk4WuZsCUAAS851 (768x1024)After years of dreaming about opening a brewery in the Rochester area, Seth, John and Casey took a leap of faith.  When they learned there was a vacancy in the Village of Pittsford along the canal they knew they had found the perfect place.

They felt strongly that the Erie Canal be included in their business concept because of its beauty and the charm of  the various villages along the way. At Lock 32 Brewing Company a window seat opens right onto the Canal and Canalway Trail.  So stop in, enjoy the view and  a pint or two of great tasting locally-produced Lock 32 brew!

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