Karen’s Ice Cream and Produce – a must-stop on the ECT

IMG_6310Inventive ice cream flavors, such as Caramel Cheesecake Cookie and Cappuccino Crunch,  and healthy, fresh produce make Karen’s Ice Cream and Produce in Fort Hunter a must-stop on the Erie Canalway Trail. Located right off the trail, across Route 5s where the Mohawk River and Schoharie Creek meet, Karen’s serves up homemade treats including specialty ice cream, delicious pies and burgers and fries.

IMG_6311 The popular eatery is truly a family operation with siblings doing everything from managing the restaurant, to advertising, to working the fields for fresh produce.  Karen’s has long been a favorite of Cycling the Erie Canal riders, with cyclists finding inventive ways to take whole pies on their bikes to enjoy the tasty treats later that night.


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