Meet an End-to-Ender: Jean Beaudoin

Congratulations to Jean Beaudoin, one of the newest Erie Canalway Trail End-to-Enders! Beaudoin, co-owner of a Montreal brewpub, Benelux Brasserie Artisanale, boxed his bike and traveled by train to Toronto, before cycling 100 miles to reach Niagara Falls and the official start of the Erie Canalway Trail, Canalside in Buffalo. After riding the trail 360 miles across the state from Buffalo to Albany, he checked in at PTNY to relay his impressions of a memorable trip.

For Jean, October was the perfect month to take a relaxing trip along the Erie Canalway Trail, a peaceful week after a busy summer in Montreal. Jean found many of the towns along the canal charming, but Little Falls made an strong impression on him, with the Gansevoort House Inn and Little Falls’ newest restaurant, the Copper Moose Ale House, as highlights. Jean’s trip was his first fully-loaded tour and the Erie Canalway Trail gave him the experience he needed to plan future bicycle vacations around the world!


Jean’s  stories and excitement for the Erie Canalway Trail inspire us in our daily work, and we hope they make you want to get out on the Erie Canalway Trail or any trail within New York’s great trail network.

The End-to-Ender recognition program, administered by PTNY in partnership with the NYS Canal Corporation, recognizes anyone who has completed the entire Erie Canalway Trail, on a bicycle or on foot, whether in one multi-day through-trip or in segments over a long period of time. PTNY sends a special decal and a certificate of achievement to each person who registers as an End-to-Ender through the online form, as well as publishing a list of End-to-Enders in the yearly program report. If you have completed the Erie Canalway Trail this year, remember to register as an End-to-Ender so we can record and celebrate your achievement!

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