Adopt-a-Trail Spotlight: Long-time trail user Hannah Wilson gives back

Growing up along Erie Canalway Trail inspired a SUNY Brockport student to become a trail adopter.

New trail adopter, Hannah Wilson, a first-year student at SUNY Brockport and a native of the western New York village, grew up with the Erie Canalway Trail. She took many bike rides with her sister from Brockport to Holley. Along the way, she remembers seeing beautiful flower plantings and several adopt-a-trail signs. As a student she now runs, bikes, and walks along the trail. After all this time spent using the trail she decided it was time to become a trail adopter and give back.

Wilson and two friends, Bailey Kline and Chelsie Yorkey, signed up to become trail adopters this past winter. Now that it is spring, they plan on planting flowers, removing trash, and raking leaves to keep their 0.65-mile adopted segment pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. The women’s motivation for becoming trail adopters is two-fold: they want to keep the trail clean and beautiful and build up a volunteer base to start a new sorority on campus.

SUNY Brockport's Bailey Kline, Chelsie Yorkey, and Hannah Wilson are the Erie Canalway Trail's newest Trail Adopters.
SUNY Brockport’s Bailey Kline, Chelsie Yorkey, and Hannah Wilson are the Erie Canalway Trail’s newest Trail Adopters.

“Right now, we’re just getting started and doing small projects along the trail, but we hope to use the trail for bigger events, such as a breast cancer walk,” said Wilson.

Interest in adopting sections of Erie Canalway trail within the Village of Brockport has always been high among residents. Presently, seven groups serve as trail adopters for the three miles of trail in the village. Across the entire 524-mile Canalway Trail system, more than 50 groups and individuals have adopted sections of Canalway Trail.

To learn more about the Adopt-a-Trail program, visit the PTNY website or email PTNY at

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