Canal Clean Sweep celebrates 10th anniversary

Volunteers wore smiles and their commemorative, 10th Annual Canal Clean Sweep t-shirts as they took to rake and shovel on trail sections across the state. For the first time in several years, and perhaps due to some supernatural realization of the event’s 10th anniversary, the skies were clear and volunteers enjoyed beautiful sunshine across much of the Canal corridor.

This year’s Clean Sweep included an impressive 107 events, organized by businesses, civic groups, and community organizations. The level of participation demonstrates how much communities recognize and value what the Canal and Canalway Trail contribute to their quality of life.

Thank you to all the dedicated event organizers and thousands of volunteers who made this year’s event a special one. As many Clean Sweep organizers and volunteers have come out to spruce up their favorite trail sections year after year, in reality THANKS FOR 10 GREAT YEARS OF INVOLVEMENT!

Check out the map of events as there are still a few Clean Sweep events scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

Here are photos from Canal Clean Sweep events across the state….




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