Newest Adopt-a-Trail group brings some TLC to Erie Canalway Trail in Palmyra

lds-temple-missionaries-of-palmyra-terry-jensenThanks to the LDS Temple Missionaries of Palmyra, a two-mile section of Erie Canalway Trail between Swifts Landing and Route 21 in Palmyra remained sparkling clean all throughout the summer. The team of 46 retired Temple Missionaries from the Palmyra Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints spent several weeks over the course of the summer removing litter and debris from the trail, leaving behind only the appearance of a well-maintained trail.

According to the group’s leader, Terry Jensen, while the Adopters’ original motivation was to keep the trail clean, they’ve been able to use their cleanup days to spend time together and get in some exercise. The public, says Jensen, is generally very good at throwing trash in the cans located along the trail, allowing the group to spend more time socializing and enjoying the natural scenery of this densely wooded section of trail.

Jensen’s love for the trail extends beyond the AAT program, as this year he recently completed the Erie Canalway Trail End-to-End this summer. Congratulations, Terry, and thank you to the LDS Temple Missionaries of Palmyra for their hard work along the trail this summer!

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