Tinsel: A Sweet Treat for Bicyclists

Tinsel is an extraordinary ice cream shop in Albion. The business name ‘tinsel’ is in honor of the city’s unique relation to Santa Claus. Other than ice cream, they sell craft soda, floats, milkshakes, sundaes, and cookies. They not only satisfy a sweet tooth – they also sell healthy food, coffee drinks, and tea. Tinsel is a standout business, especially for bicyclists.

Tinsel became a certified Bike Friendly New York Business in July 2019. This business is located along the Erie Canalway Trail in Orleans County. They offer identified bike parking, are knowledgeable about local cycling routes and amenities, have interactive cycling resources bookmarked, and offer codes for local showers. Bicyclists who visit Tinsel are especially in luck because the business is owned by a Trail Adopter.

tinsel 1
A group of bicyclists from California visit Tinsel. | Photo Courtesy of Tinsel on Facebook

One of the co-owners, Natasha Wasuck, says that being a business on the canal has been “so interesting”. One of the many perks she pointed out was that she has met people from all over the country and the world. This was the first year this business was open for the annual Cycle the Erie Canal ride. To prepare, they bought over $120 worth of oranges and bananas and, served around 200 bicyclists. Wasuck was amazed how many cyclists wanted ice cream in the early morning. Next year, Wasuck said, they will be offering a special for Cycle the Erie Canal riders.

Bicyclists certainly seem to love it too. One customer commented on how they stopped into Tinsel to escape the rain, and their cold brew coffee was exactly what they needed to keep riding another 20 miles during their trip along the Erie Canalway Trail. Another visiting cyclist said this stop was well worth taking a break for. Tinsel’s social media is full of comments from happy tourists, bicyclists, and community members raving about their experience.

Cycle the Erie Canal 2019 riders making a stop in front of Tinsel. | Photo Courtesy of  PTNY Staff

The Bike Friendly New York program has connected bicyclists to local businesses since 2017. There are over 100 Bike Friendly New York businesses across the state. These businesses help enhance active transportation experiences and boost local community economies. As bicycling continues to grow in the state and nationally, it is important for businesses to accommodate cyclists and cycling tourism.

Tinsel is located next to the bridge into the village of Albion. To locate Tinsel on a map and other Bike Friendly businesses, check out PTNY’s TrailFinder map. The Bike Friendly New York page and map are constantly being updated.

Are you a business interested in becoming certified? For more information about BFNY, to see eligibility requirements, and to access the business application, visit the Bike Friendly New York website.

Make sure to check out Tinsel during your next ride through Albion and keep up with them on social media. You can see their delicious treats and great updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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