Adopt-A-Trail Spotlight: BSA Pack/Troop 25

1.  What led you to want to take on the roles and responsibilities of a trail adopter?

As BSA Scouts, we are always looking at ways to help out in the community and get outside.  Our older Scouts also need to perform conservation service so adopting a section of the trail seemed like a perfect way to help out and allow our Troop to earn service time.

2.  Can you describe your section of trail a little bit? What about that section appeals to you?

Our section is one of the newer trail sections, between Ft Herkimer Church and Lock 18.  It’s a perfect section for our group because it set back from the road so it’s a safe area to patrol, especially for our Cub Scouts.  Between the historic Fort Herkimer church on one end and the Lock on the other, there  are a lot of interesting things for our Scouts to see.

3.   What have you done so far this year and what do you have planned for upcoming years?

We patrol the trail monthly, picking up trash and making sure the trail is free of debris to keep it safe, especially for bikers.  We’d like to install some bird feeders and possibly some benches along the path.

4.   Do you have any interesting stories, experiences, or occurrence to share?

We have been watching a Bald Eagle fly over the path and are hopeful to get some pictures in the future.

5.   Do you have any quotes that could encourage someone else to become an adopter on another section of trail?

According to Baden Powell, founder of Boy Scouts:

 “The man who is blind to the beauties of nature has missed half the pleasure of life.”

6.   What are some obstacles you have faced as a trail adopter?

During the winter months the trail was icy in spots so we had to tread carefully.

7.   What are some opportunities you have taken advantage of as a trail adopter?

We are all proud to wear the adopter t-shirts and people have thanked us for keeping the trail clean.

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