Congratulations 2022 End-to-Enders

Dave G. from Niskayuna, NY

Just this year, over 120 people cycled all 360 miles of the Erie Canalway Trail on self-guided trips.

Participants flocked from all over the state and even from other countries to experience the historic trail. While most of these journeys were in through-trips, several folks took multiple trips to accomplish the trip.

Cycling enthusiasts decided to become End-To-Enders for a combination of personal challenge, for the comradery of riding with friends, for the canal’s history, and to soak in the charm of small canal towns.


Carson C. (Carrollton, GA)


Brittoni R. (Columbia, SC)

Thomas S. (Springboro, PA)


Matthew S. (Selkirk, NY)


Patti E. (The Dalles, OR)

Abigail S. (Petaluma, CA)

Don H. (Winter Park, FL)

Wolfgang R. (Talent, OR)

Alexandra F. (Clinton, NY)


Susan R. (Clifton Forge, VA)

Lon R. (Clifton Forge, VA)

Steven R. (Lutz, FL)

Lillian R. (Jacksonville, FL)

Jennifer G. (West Simsbuty, CT)

Tom H. (New Hampton, NY)


Randall B. (Billerica, MA)

Alfred C. (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Bryan W. (Hockessin, DE)

Mary F. (East Montpelier, VT)

Dan D. (Medfore, NJ)

Diane C. (Rensselaer, NY)

Bill W. (Jamestown, RI)

James M. (Dingmans Ferry, PA)

John K. (Canton, GA)

Edward K. (Templeton, CA)

Matthew J. (Buffalo, NY)

Michael D. (Troy, NY)

Jeannette B. (Lake Luzerne, NY)

Whitney R. (Rochester, NY)

Steve R. (Rochester, NY)

Cindy from (Saint Paul, MN)

Kara G. (Binghamton, NY)

Dan G. (Saint Paul, MN)

Silvia A. (West Windsor Township, NJ)

Vikas R. (Hanover, MD)

Reina V. (Northfield, MA)

Karen H. (Ventura, CA)

Jessica B. (Niskayuna, NY)

Mike M. (Beaverton, OR)

Vitaly B. (Indian Trail, NC)

Joseph H. (Columbia, MS)

Mike H. (Wallaceburg, ON)

Matt S. (Skaneateles, NY)

Bob V. (Ventura, CA)

Ryan I. (Albany, NY)

Ronald J. (Clarkston, MI)

Jerome G. (Treasure Island, FL)

Lisa G. (Treasure Island, FL)

Daniel J. (Lancaster, PA)


Daniel S. (Hamburg, NY)

Mario Z. (Rochester, NY)

Chris C. (Carmel, NY)

Colleen S. (Carmel, NY)

Matt S. (Skaneateles, NY)

Linn K. (Cheswick, PA)

Raymond T. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Ken B. (Plano, TX)

Michael B. (Westborough, MA)

Matthew M. (Herndon, VA)

Belinda S. (Brooklyn, NY)

John P. (Camillus, NY)

Joshua S. (Cleveland Heights, OH)

Conor M. (Baltimore, MD)

Jonathan B. (Washington, DC)

John R. (Denver, CO)

David K. (Canandaigua, NY)

Rob C. (Canandaigua, NY)

Gregory E. (Brooklyn, NY)

Teresa P. (Warwick, NY)

Alan S. (Leixlip, Ireland)

Robert J. (Gasport, NY)

Stephen J. (Oakland Park, FL)

Zachary P. (Warwick, NY)

Jason L. (New York, NY)

Michael S. (East Elmhurst, NY)

Dave C. (Saugerties, NY)

Jeff L. (Rye, NH)

Wyatt D. (Rye, NH)

Leslie L. (Rye, NH)

Janet D. (Rye, NH)

Joseph N. (Brooklyn , NY)

Rebecca H. (New York, NY)

Lisa L. (Buffalo, NY)

John L. (Tonawanda, NY)

Bob P. (Sarasota, FL)

Reyne M. (Concord, MA)

Michael D. (Silver Spring, MD)


Jay V. (Elm Grove, WI)

Joseph (Jefferson, MA)

Julie V. (Elm Grove, WI)

Caitlyn D. (Brooklyn, NY)

Vikas R. (Hanover, MD)

Tanya W. (Ventura, CA)

Daniel B. (New Orleans, LA)

Steven S. (Manchester Center, VT)

Paula M. (St Louis, MO)

Marcia T. (Poultney, VT)

Steve T. (Poultney, VT)

Aragorn W. (Hamburg, NY)

Claire W. (Medford, MA)

Michael M. (Hyde Park, NY)

Jan K. (Cranberry Township, PA)

Mark (Poland, OH)

Rachel F. (Syracuse, NY)

Brian S. (DeLand, FL)

Michael K. (New Rochelle, NY)

Tibor F. (Budapest, Hungary)

Gail S. (Manchester Center, VT)

Emily G. (DeLand, FL)

Wayne B. (Norwalk, OH)


Michael F. (Wooster, OH)

Leah E. (Delmar, NY)

Joe H. (Erie, PA)

Andrew W. (Somerville, MA)

David (Butler, PA)

Dave G. (Niskayuna, NY)

Gary K. (Waitsfield, VT)

Vincent L. (Waterford, NY)

Aaron M. (Niskayuna, NY)

Josh B. (Niskayuna, NY)

FC S. (Hartville, OH)

JR Z. (Natrona Heights, PA)

J G. (Bethel Park, PA)

Matt C. (Lexington, KY)

Robert & Valerie V. (Hartville, OH)

Huge congratulations to this year’s End-to-Enders!

If you’ve traversed the whole Erie Canalway Trail, be sure to register as an End-To-Ender today and tell us about your experience.

(End-to-End Registrants through 9/20/2022 listed)

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