20 Years & Rolling: Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour Reaches New Heights

Biking. Great scenery. Fun people. Big city lights and charming small towns.

Sounds like a pretty nice vacation, right?


Add in Erie Canal history, moveable tent cities, and great food and entertainment and you wouldn’t be far off from Parks & Trails New York’s annual summer bike tour, Cycle the Erie Canal.

This year 700 cyclists and volunteers helped PTNY celebrate 20 years on the trail. And it was a truly memorable tour, with exceptional weather greeting riders each morning, and newly paved trail sections making the route more accessible than ever before.


  • 700 riders and volunteers
  • 37 US States, several Canadian provinces, and UK and Australia represented
  • Riders ranging in age from 6 to 82!

Words don’t do the summer tour credit, so check out the official CTEC 2018 Photo Gallery by clicking below.

Cycle the Erie Canal 2018
Click on the magic rainbow to view the 2018 CTEC gallery!

If you missed this year’s tour, never fear. We’ll roll out again for the 21st edition on July 7, 2019.

Mark your calendars and VIVE LA TOUR!


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