Summer End-to-Enders Blaze New Trails

Summer is high season on the Erie Canalway Trail, both for organized tours like PTNY’s Cycle the Erie Canal but also for do-it-yourself trail adventurers. As you’ll see below, End-to-End stories rarely disappoint!

End-to-End By Land & Sea
Amanda Hus from Tampa, FL


“I kayaked the the Erie Canal, about 350 miles, from May 29 – June 13. We then turned around and bicycled the entire length! So we did it TWICE!

Many of the Lock Masters were extremely kind, helpful, and friendly. They really made it pleasant for my kayak experience. I also enjoyed meeting some local folks along the way – such as in Eagle Harbor, Macedon, Lyons, and Waterford. They were very kind and helpful as well.”

Erie Canalway Trail in Three Trips 
Stewart Tsubota from Brockport, NY

“I live on the Erie Canal in Brockport and am an avid cyclist. Cycling the canal trail from Buffalo to Albany seemed like a good challenge. With the help of my wife who dropped me off at Buffalo and picked me up at the Rochester Amtrak station, I completed the trip in three sections over a two-week period. The sections were 1) Buffalo to Brockport, 2) Brockport to Syracuse, 3) Syracuse to Albany. I stayed at hotels in Newark, Oneida, Little Falls, and Schenectady.



I enjoyed seeing all the small towns and their unique attractions the most. I also enjoyed seeing the remnants of the old canal, like the Schoharie Aqueduct. I am also a microbrew enthusiast, so tasting some of the local brews in the evening was fun.”

A Trip 10 Years in the Making
Mike Cornell from Pittsburgh, PA

“We’ve wanted to do this for about 10 years. We were going to ride Pittsburgh-DC this year, but flooding on the trail caused us to change plans. The trip was great; we especially liked the western canal towns and the stretches along NYS Bike Route 5.

We loved being able to camp at the locks. Holley and Palmyra both had nice camping with showers!! Lots of cool town with neat history.”


Feeling inspired?

Well get out there. And don’t forget to register your ECT adventure, whether you complete the trail in one trip or many, by visiting the End-to-End page

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