Hot Off the Press: Canalway Trail Times, Issue #53

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Dear Canalway Trail Times Reader:

Happy New Year! We are exited to share the digital version of the Winter 2019-2020 edition of Canalway Trail Times with you.

Each year, we produce an end of year issue of the Canalway Trail Times. Our print editions are mailed partners throughout the Canal Corridor. The print edition includes full-page, high resolution photos as well as great stories. While we aren’t able to deliver a print copy to all of our subscribers, an online edition has been created that reads like a print copy.

Find some time to flip through our publication- at home, the park, or in a coffee shop. We do not condone reading and riding, walking, rollerblading, cross-country skiing, or bird-watching. We do hope it inspires you to get out on the trail and see all the incredible features it has to offer!

Enjoy, and please share widely with all your favorite Canalway Trail enthusiasts.

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