Bicentennial Rides

2017 not only marks the 200th anniversary of Erie Canal construction. It’s also the 200th birthday of the bicycle, invented in Germany. Celebrate both by cycling these bicentennial routes on the Erie Canalway Trail: Cycle from Rome to Syracuse in the Old Erie Canal State Historic Park. Start in Rome and you’ll be at ground … Continue reading Bicentennial Rides

The First End-to-Enders

As both the bicycle and the Erie Canal celebrate their bicentennial this year, we thought it would be fun to highlight one of the earliest bicycle trips taken along the Erie Canal 120 years ago. Earlier this year, Dave Patterson of Missoula, Montana found a detailed travel log of his grandfather’s bicycle trip during the … Continue reading The First End-to-Enders

CUSE Cycle Hits the Trail

Have you noticed the new bike share docks and bikes at Onondaga Lake Park? You may have seen several bright white bikes with orange tires docked next to each other in the Willow Bay parking lot. If you have, you've been introduced to CUSE Cycle, a new bike sharing system on East and West Shore … Continue reading CUSE Cycle Hits the Trail

Cycle the Erie Canal – Better Than Ever!

The 2015 edition of PTNY's Cycle the Erie Canal was a huge success, with approximately 600 riders making their way across the state on the historic Erie Canalway Trail. In addition to the record-breaking number of persons participating, this year's ride also featured a new return shuttle to Buffalo and enhanced menu options at the … Continue reading Cycle the Erie Canal – Better Than Ever!

Inaugural Tour the Towpath Showcases Old Erie Canal Trail Section

The 36 miles of Erie Canalway Trail that run through Old Erie Canal State Park are some of the most picturesque along the entire state-wide route. A new event, Tour the Towpath, showcases these scenic stretches and the historic communities that they connect on a one- or two-day supported ride. On Friday July 31, the inaugural Tour … Continue reading Inaugural Tour the Towpath Showcases Old Erie Canal Trail Section

Karen’s Ice Cream and Produce – a must-stop on the ECT

Inventive ice cream flavors, such as Caramel Cheesecake Cookie and Cappuccino Crunch,  and healthy, fresh produce make Karen's Ice Cream and Produce in Fort Hunter a must-stop on the Erie Canalway Trail. Located right off the trail, across Route 5s where the Mohawk River and Schoharie Creek meet, Karen's serves up homemade treats including specialty ice cream, … Continue reading Karen’s Ice Cream and Produce – a must-stop on the ECT